Portlandia! (Part III)

Believe it or not, I didn't travel up to Portland just to eat 😏 . (But if you want to read about that, check out Part I and Part II of my trip).

[Truth]: In the months leading up to the trip, I hadn't been walking my talk. For someone who promotes healthy living, rest, self-care, balance [and heck, this is both my passion AND profession], I was somehow falling short in the rest and self-care arenas.

When I traded in my corporate career to pursue my dream of holistic health coaching and sharing my love of wellness with the world, I didn't fully comprehend the twists and turns my life would take, or the challenges that would come my way. I had to laugh when I recently read an article in Well + Good about things people don't tell you when you're pursuing your passion: entrepreneurial life requires immense courage, patience, sacrifice, accountability, and resilience, and involves rapid-fire self-development, failure, loneliness, and letting go of control. 

That sounds accurate ... but I am growing because of it (and wouldn't change a thing).

In the first 8 months of pursuing my passion, one thing has become abundantly clear: setting boundaries is critical.

And sometimes the person you need to set boundaries with the most ... is yourself.

In my heart, I knew I needed this trip to Portland more than anything. But if you can believe it, I considered cancelling it more than once.

I'm too busy.
I can't afford it.
Taking this time off is too selfish when I am trying to grow my business.

You get the picture.

But I was really starting to suffer health-wise with my crazy schedule: I could feel my body begin to break down, I was exhausted all the time, and I even experienced a crazy salivary gland infection in the days leading up to the trip (I'm fine now). Was I really going to let my body break down again after all I learned from my health crash years ago?


The trip was truly the best gift of self-love possible. When I talk about nourishment, I mean more than just food. Our hearts and souls need nourishment too. For me, acts of radical self-love mean ditching the rigid schedule, spending time with people who fill me up, and immersing myself in nature ... with the delicious food options being the proverbial cherry on top.

gift yourself with tribe love

How often do you get to spend time with people who you'd consider "your people", or your tribe? My guess is not as much as you'd like. Let's face it - Americans work a LOT (and it doesn't end after you leave the office), and we don't necessarily work with our best friends. Or perhaps you're like me, and you spend much of your time alone in front of a computer. In a social media-crazed world, we often have our heads buried in our phones when we could be spending quality time with people who lift us up and make us feel alive.

Sounds like a recipe for isolation and loneliness, doesn't it?

I'm all about what Whole-30 co-founder and functional medicine practitioner Dallas Hartwig calls for: more social, less media.

Perhaps it doesn't come as a surprise that my tribe is my beloved barre3 community. There's no hiding the fact that I ❀ my barre3 family in San Diego and beyond, I ❀ the practice, and I ❀ teaching it. So naturally, attending barre3 in the Park in Portland was something that would recharge my batteries.

barre3 in the Park, with 1000 of my closest friends :-)

The event did not disappoint - over 1000 people were in attendance to celebrate barre3's 8th birthday, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Yes, it was 100 degrees and I was drenched with sweat within the first 5 minutes of warmup, but I was smiling from ear to ear. (Yes, I am crazy.) There's just something energizing and invigorating about being outdoors, moving to amazing music, and being surrounded by people who are just as into it as you are. It's about community, connection, and feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself. That's what fills ME up when I am feeling depleted.

I left the event feeling SO inspired (and sweaty), and came back to San Diego ready to put the finishing touches on OUR barre3 in the Park event on Sunday, September 18th at Hospitality Point in Mission Bay Park.

If you're a San Diego local, this event is NOT to be missed: free barre3 class by the sea at 9am with beats provided by my dear friend Companyon Music, with swag bags for all participants, and AMAZING raffle prizes ... including 1 month of nutrition coaching from ME πŸ˜€ .

Space is limited, so sign up TODAY

Photo courtesy of   barre3

Photo courtesy of barre3

now it's your turn

What is your favorite way to recharge your batteries when you are feeling drained? Perhaps it's taking a walk out in nature (one of my other faves!), taking a nap, getting a massage, reading a book, listening to music ... the choices are endless! Hit me up in the comments and share your favorite way of showering love on yourself.