Love Your Body, Love Your Life

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know what the hashtag (#) in social media is all about. Because I am SO fired up about helping women love their bodies and to create a life they love, I've created not one but TWO hashtags to spread my mission of loving the skin you're in. Join me, and join the revolution (and share with your friends!).


Why am I so inspired and motivated by this mission? Because I spent most of my life HATING my body, both consciously and subconsciously. I disliked my body, it's shape, my broken out skin, and the fact that I always felt...different, an outsider. As a teenager and into my 20s, I stuffed my feelings with junk food, and went through cycles of disordered eating and compulsive overexercising, and my weight would plummet, then balloon up. I tried to bury my feelings and pretend I had it together by being a perfectionist in every other area of my life. And it worked ... for a long time. I was confident on the outside, but was a hot mess inside. Every choice I made was in service of pleasing other people, as I desperately wanted love, affection, and validation...and someone to tell me that I am ok (isn't that what we all want, after all?). Even when I received the love or accolades I so desperately craved, it deflected off of me.

Why? Because deep down, I didn't feel worthy of love.

And this self-sabotaging behavior continued into early adulthood ... until I got very sick.

The Universe has an amazing way of helping you correct your course, and when you are knocked down massive health problems, you have no other choice but to slow down and reflect.

When I was at rock bottom, it hit me like a Mack truck. The root of my problems ... was ME. I had spent 25+ years abusing my body with disordered eating, pummeled my nervous system with stress and buried emotions, and made countless decisions to live my life according to someone else's standards. It had nothing to do with the label of my illness, and it had everything to do with my beliefs about myself. My thoughts had manifested into a nightmare reality.

Then one day I said NO MORE.

As Rome wasn't built in a day, healing my mind and body took almost half a decade. While my health is better than it has ever been, my spiritual journey is still unfolding. My mindset is still being mastered. I have not reached the peak of the mountaintop, not even close. 

However, I have learned a HUGE lesson, which is:

You have the power to choose.

After spending almost 3 decades doing the opposite, I finally choose to love my body, with all of it's beautiful imperfections. My mantra: I choose health - to nourish and fuel my body with what it needs to fire on all cylinders. I choose to fully feel and express my emotions, and to fearlessly speak my truth every day. I choose relationships that fill me up, and let go of those that drain me of energy. I choose to master my mindset - to weed out self-limiting beliefs that sap me of my power and keep me small. I choose to follow my dreams - to build a life and career that makes me feel STOKED to wake up every day.

I still have to ACTIVELY make these choices every day. It's a daily commitment. It's a practice. It's a lifestyle. Sometimes I fall off the bandwagon, and then I hop back on.

Does it come easy? HELL NO.

But it all comes down to choice. To love your body, to love your life. It is my mission to share all the ways I know to help you do just that. And you don't have to do it alone.

So join me in using #bewellwithshan and #lovebodylovelife. I am SO excited to see all the ways that you choose health, loving your body, loving your life, and loving each other.