How Taking Out The Trash Impacts Your Health

picture it

You live in a beautiful new loft with a gorgeous ocean view. You just recently moved in, and you're firing on all cylinders in your life - work, social life, building that side hustle, travel, a new romantic relationship. Life is GOOD. But you're starting to get a little bit lazy with the upkeep of your place, especially taking out the trash.

You think to yourself, "Ain't got no time to take out the trash."

But then, you start to notice that your space is feeling a little bit cramped. And ew, what's that smell? You're able to deal with it, but after awhile it's starting to look like a scene from "Hoarders".

Now, imagine your space after a month, a year, a decade?

Your gorgeous loft is now dirty, smelly, and completely uninhabitable.

This is how your body and cells feel when they cannot release waste.

Thankfully, our bodies are equipped with the machinery to help rid ourselves of toxins and waste. This process, called Detoxification, includes enzymatic reactions that neutralize and solubilize toxins, and transport them to liver and kidneys for excretion. These pathways are working 24/7/365, and are akin to taking out your body's trash (or doing the laundry)!


Now, I know that taking out the trash and doing laundry may NOT your favorite, but hear me out.

Detoxification (also known as "detox" or "cleansing") is highly misunderstood, if not controversial. Most people hear "cleanse" and they think of fasting, a juice cleanse, or a restrictive diet to lose weight and purge their system of the junk food they've eaten. However, detoxification is a natural process that your body does every single day.

detox, demystified

The body is an amazing, powerful machine with 5 major detoxification systems to help you get rid of unwanted waste (all while you go about your day):

  1. Gastrointestinal Tract: Liver, Gallbladder, Small Intestine, Colon
  2. Urinary Tract: Kidneys, Bladder
  3. Respiratory Tract: Lungs, Throat, Sinuses, Nose
  4. —Lymphatic System: Lymph channels, Lymph Nodes
  5. Skin: Sweat glands, Tears

Your liver is a SUPERHERO organ, with over 500 functions in the body (!!!), including:

  • Production of bile for fat digestion
  • Helps metabolize fat and protein
  • Stores Vitamins A, D, B12, K and Folate
  • Synthesizes blood clotting factors
  • Stores energy in the form of glycogen
  • Master purifier of the blood and detoxifier of the body

a little bit of {Liver} science

Here's a snapshot of what your liver does for it's detox role (don't worry, I won't drown you with science - no pop quiz at the end 😂  ) :

Let's break down the Liver's function using the trash analogy:

FILTRATION. First, the liver filters the blood by identifying "the good" (food and nutrients) and "the bad" (toxins, excess hormones, Rx drugs, food additives). This is similar to you sorting your trash into the recycling, compost, and waste.

PHASE 1 DETOXIFICATION. This process uses chemical reactions and specific nutrients from your food to transform fat-soluble toxins (yep, these toxins are stored in fat) into a water-soluble form that can be excreted. After Phase 1, the toxins are in a state that is actually MORE reactive and potentially dangerous to the body if they aren't shuttled to Phase 2 right away. Antioxidants are required at this stage to neutralize any free radical and oxidative damage caused by the toxins in their intermediate state. If they don't make it to Phase 2 in a timely manner, or if you don't consume sufficient antioxidants your diet (think fruits and vegetables!), this is like having a hole in your trash bag, and little bits of trash remain muck up your house in a major way.

PHASE 2 DETOXIFICATION. This phase acts as the final transformation stage of the toxin, making it water-soluble for removal from the body (through the colon or kidneys). The building blocks of proteins, or amino acids, drive this stage as they further neutralize toxins and help escort them out of the body. In fact, consuming sufficient protein (either plant-based protein or organic, hormone-free, grass fed meat or sustainably caught wild fish) is essential for Phase 2 Detoxification to function properly. Phase 2 is akin to making sure your trash is safely bagged and ready to go out to the dumpster.

ELIMINATION. (Insert poop jokes here 😉 ) Finally, toxins are eliminated out of the digestive tract via bile, the kidneys and bladder (urine), and through the colon (fecal waste). Hooray! This is the final step of saying sayonara to your trash by placing it in the dumpster, and it is taken away by the garbage collectors.

One thing you'll notice right away is that each phase of detoxification requires vitamins, antioxidants, and protein ... in other words, nutrients from your FOOD. This is one of the many reasons why WHAT YOU EAT (on a daily basis) MATTERS!

we live in a toxic world

Not to be apocalyptic or dramatic, but we are exposed to thousands of toxins every single day. These include those from diet (microbes and microbial toxins, parasites, pesticides, residues from food processing and additives), contaminated water, pollution, exhaust, prescription drugs, heavy metals, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the off-gassing of materials. We are exposed to over 4,000 chemicals daily, including solvents, plastics, adhesives, chemicals in makeup, moisturizers, nail polish, hair dyes, shampoo/conditioner, household cleaning products ... shall I go on?

It's enough to make you want to hole yourself up and never make contact with the outside world again!

While our body's natural detoxification system is always to the rescue, we constantly overload it. In fact, we are exposed to more environmental toxins in one day, than our grandparents were in an entire lifetime. We further overburden our liver with our diet (heavy on the gluten, dairy, soy, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol), stress (work, family, tragic events), smoking, chronic illness, and lack of sleep. Over time, our bodies literally cannot keep up with the toxic load ... and then we start to feel it physically.

symptoms of toxin overload

There are multiple ways that your body can become toxic:

  • You consume/absorb more toxins via food/lifestyle/environment than you can eliminate
  • Toxins in our food, environment, and thoughts create waste your body cannot use
  • An overly acidic diet (high in gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol) allows microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, parasites to overgrow and secrete toxins in your body

How do you know you are toxic? Let us count the ways:


it doesn't have to be this way!

There was a time in my life - not too many years ago - where I had 18 of the 24 symptoms above, and I was absolutely miserable. My body was toxic from head to toe, and I was only able to turn the dial when I made some much-needed changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Essentially, I needed to detoxify my mind, body, and LIFE.

Now, I want to share all my secrets so that you stop experiencing these painful symptoms too.

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