Transformational Nutrition® coaching programs

Get the individualized attention that YOU need, and commit to becoming your happiest, healthiest version of yourself! Each of these 1x1 coaching programs is specifically customized to your goals and health history, and can be held in-person (for San Diego locals), or via Skype. If you have any questions about these programs, be sure to reach out!



  • A focused 1hr session on one topic of your choice. Perfect for 4-, 8- or 12-week coaching program "graduates" who have specific questions, or who are seeking support around minor diet and lifestyle tweaks.

reboot your health!
4-week coaching program

  • Fast track your health + wellness! Includes 4 consecutive weeks of individualized health coaching: one 1.5hr session, and three 45min sessions. 
  • Details about this program:
    • Comprehensive 1.5hr intake session where we dive into your health history and goals. You will receive a customized Action Plan.
    • Action Plan may address nutrition, workout routines, stress management techniques, and/or lifestyle tweaks, depending on your goals.
    • Remaining 45min sessions focus on progress and working through any roadblocks that pop up.
    • Additional Support - 3 emails/texts per week.

i am transformed!
12-Week coaching program

  • Dig deeper, commit to your transformation, and make lasting change! Includes 12 consecutive weeks of individualized coaching, with one 1.5hr session and eleven 45min sessions, and a customized action plan.
  • If roadblocks or plateaus in progress arise, we will troubleshoot and tweak your Action Plan. Bam!
  • This program is for you if you are 100% committed, motivated, ready to take action, and willing to show up for each weekly session. You are choosing this bundle because you are realistic that it takes more than 4 weeks to truly change your health, lifestyle, and mindset. You are raring to become a healthier, happier version 2.0 of yourself. You know that there are no "quick fixes", and you are READY to do the work. If you are indecisive, make excuses, cannot fully commit, or aren't ready or willing to make the necessary changes, this program isn't for you!


transformational nutrition Services, a la carte

Let's get cookin' 
(90 min)

  • New to cooking or want to refine your chef skills? I'm here to help!
  • Invite me into your kitchen, and you will learn basic knife skills, how to prep your ingredients, cooking 101, and how to meal prep like a champ.
  • Location: San Diego locals only.

(75 MIN)

  •  Invite me into your kitchen; we will clear away foods/products that lead to decreased immune function, brain fog, inflammation, food intolerances, or anything that stands in the way of you meeting your health goals!
  • We will organize your kitchen so that you WANT to spend quality time there!
  • Perfect to pair with the Grocery Store tour - stock and replenish your pantry with delicious, nutritious foods.
  • Location: in-person or via Skype.

Tour de grocery store
(75 min)

  • Turn your disdain for grocery shopping into pure delight on a magical tour of your local grocery store.
  • Unveil the mystery of organic produce & quality meats, discover new brands, and learn to decode food labels.
  • Location: San Diego locals only.

(75 MIN)

  •  Invite me into your home; we will identify toxic home products (cleaning products, detergents, hair and beauty products, etc.) that may be negatively affecting your health.
  • After the tour, I will recommend healthy product alternatives that get the job done, but lack the toxicity factor!
  • Perfect to pair with the Kitchen Detox and/or the Grocery Store tour.
  • Location: in-person or via Skype.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out!

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