about shannon:

Hi there, and welcome! I am a mad scientist, food aficionado, and a mover and shaker. What sets my heart ablaze with PASSION? Good eats, music, dance, mindful movement, deep and soulful discussions, spirituality, building commUNITY, and living a life filled with love, adventure, joy, and laughter. Always laughter. I am a sassy goofball, through and through.

I received my scientific street cred (Ph.D. in Systems Biology) from the University of California, San DiegoAfter finishing my doctoral studies, I went the Industry route and worked both in oncology drug development and cancer diagnostic development. While I felt fleeting moments of fulfillment doing this work, I wanted more - to not only live every moment in alignment with my passions, but to also positively impact the lives of others. I felt a thousand times removed from positively impacting others' lives as a scientist in "Industry". In 2010, after a fateful trip to Mexico, I got a major wake up call in the form of chronic illness - my health rapidly deteriorated, and I spent the next 4 years desperately trying to unravel the mystery behind my condition (read about my detailed health journey here). It wasn't until I majorly cleaned up my eating act, learned how to better manage stress, and ditched toxic relationships that I started to come back to life. During this healing journey, my eyes were opened to the world of holistic/alternative medicine, the power of “food as thy medicine”, and the importance of mind-body-spirit connection in living a healthy, balanced life. I also knew it was time to face the truth: I have a "bigger why" for living, and it has NOTHING to do with being another cog in the Corporate America wheel. Today, my life calling rings loud and clear: to bridge my love for science, Systems Biology, food and nutrition, and my deep inner desire to help others, with an intuitive and experiential knowledge that we all have innate capabilities to heal ourselves.

As a result, I became a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. I also hold two 200hr Yoga Teacher certifications through Radiant Yoga and YogaWorks, and am the Founder of Relevate. I have the unique ability to speak the language of science while also being grounded, intuitive, empathetic, and heart-centered. I believe that getting to the root cause of health issues requires not only analytical “sleuthing” skills and understanding an individual’s underlying biochemistry/physiology, but also the need to reveal the potential psycho-spiritual causes that may underlie biological dysfunction or imbalance. When this work is done in the spirit of self-inquiry, self-love and self-compassion, I believe that the power and potential to heal is immense.

From my heart, I share with you my mission:

Shannon's scientific publication record can be found here